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MN Riding LessonsRiding Lessons

  • We offer English, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Western Riding
  • Basics of good equitation
  • Correct horseback riding position
  • Saddling a horse
  • Proper Grooming
  • Hoof care



Instructor Christine

My riding is inspired by French classical riding and teaching methods. I began teaching in France when I was 16, and training at age 18.  My experiences include eventing, working with vaulting and classical dressage horses at a major French horse circus, and extensive teaching of children and adults. I believe that classical riding refers especially to the end result more than the training techniques used.  This should result in a horse that is easy to ride and light on the aids, while gorgeous and exuberant at the same time, as well as a rider that looks at ease and sits each gait beautifully.  Those are my goals, both in training the horses and teaching the students.

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Riding Lessons

Instructor Shelly Foster

I currently own 3 horses and have been riding horses for 19 years. I started in Western Pleasure and English Equitation at local shows 18 years ago, then decided I'd rather hit the trails and have been experiencing beautiful scenery and challenging terrain ever since.

My retired Appaloosa gelding is trick trained. I have competed and placed in Endurance riding with my Arabian cross that is a reformed spooky/bolter. Currently I am working towards cow events with my young Quarter Horse cross. I am the future owner of a Thoroughbred (when he's done racing) that I had the pleasure of starting as a young colt and can't wait to get back!


Round Penning
Ground Work for Respect and Control
Desensitizing the Spooky Horse
Trailer Loading
Colt Starting
Endurance and Trail Riding
Overcoming Obstacles on the Trail (logs, water, etc)

My philosophy is easy. Gain your horse's respect and control on the ground first for a foundation of leadership, trust, and respect. Once established, you can use this foundation as a building block to accomplish any riding goal or obstacle you encounter.

My Training Method
While I have been training horses for 18 years, I have been an avid follower of "The Method" by Clinton Anderson for nearly 10 years now and I embody many of his principles and methods in my training. It's essential to gain your horse's respect and control on the ground through round penning and/or long line work first. Desensitizing is important. Your horse can not be fearful of you or objects in order to learn. Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing more work. Be a Leader for your horse. A One-Rein Stop will save your life!

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Dakota Stables - Horse Trainer

Horse Trainer and lessons

Instructor Natalie Brenner

I have been riding horses between multiple disciplines for 20 years. I believe in using methods from many different riding & training styles to build a confident and mutually respectful relationship between a horse and rider. My philosophy is that patience, time, assertiveness, a calm demeanor and a true love of and a relationship with a horse creates the most rewarding experience. Frustration and aggression have no place around horses.  That being said, the dominant—submissive relationship between horse and rider is important. Horses are herd animals and need consistent and competent leadership in order to feel comfortable enough to do as their rider asks, but this is because of their nature, not because we must ‘break’ them. Riding should be fun for both horse & human!

Barrel Racing • Team Penning • Dressage (under Lisa Avaloz, Courtney Hoessley, Allison Sader-Larson & Adam Steffens) • Western & English Pleasure • Western & English Equitation • Intercollegiate Riding Club, UW River Falls • Rodeo Club, UW River Falls • Trail • Games • Working w/ beginning riders, folks just getting back into riding, or fearful riders.

My Approach
Open & ongoing communication with you about your goals • Using methods from multiple disciplines • A combination of ground work, lunging and riding (not in a particular order, but as needed) • Regular analysis of progress (if I’m not a good match for you or your horse, I’ll let you know and will help recommend someone who is.)

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Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons