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Stables Rules

Stable Hours: 7:00am to 9:30pm - 7 days a week

The following list of rules is to be read and followed. Any boarder who fails to comply with any of the rules on this list will be subject to immediate termination of privileges at the sole discretion of the management.

Riders and Visitors

  • No smoking
  • No pets/dogs
  • A signed Boarding Agreement, Signed Lease or a signed Release Form is required prior to riding anywhere on the premises.
  • Drugs are not permitted in any form.
  • If you open it, close it. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you take it out, put it back.
  • No minors are to trade horses, unless their parents are present or with previous written permission provided to stable owners.
  • Tie area, round pens and arenas shall be kept clean. Be considerate, if your horse(s) make a mess, clean it up (please put manure in wheelbarrow, which shall be emptied on the north side of the pasture area in the grass.
  • We require that all riders wear protective headgear. Riding apparel & equipment are the responsibility of the rider.
  • Riders may ride Dakota Stables designated area and public roads. Out of courtesy to our neighbors and to help ensure the safety of both horse and rider do not ride on neighbors properties.
  • Riders to wear close toed boots or shoes with a heal.

Stall Barn

  • Stalls are reserved for stall horses. Do not put your horse in there unless you have signed stall boarding forms.
  • Do not tie horses to the stall fronts unless you use tie twine first as a break away

Outdoor Arena

  • Respect others and clean up after your horse in the arena. Throw manure in wheel barrel or manure bunker.
  • Your first choice for lunging should be the round pen. If the round pen is in use or otherwise not available, you may lunge in the arena IF there are 3 or fewer riders in the arena. Also ask the other riders if they are ok with lunging.

Indoor Arena

  • Ride in the same direction or left to left shoulder if approaching someone.
  • Do not tie horses in the indoor arena.
  • Do not groom horses or tack them up in the indoor.
  • Say "door" when entering or exiting the barn.
  • One person lounging at a time if there are riders in the arena. Ask other riders if it is alright to lounge. Lounging only allowed if it does interfere with the other riders.


  • Keep tack building closed.
  • Keep horse treats/feed in metal or hard plastic containers. Otherwise it will attract mice.
  • Never bring a horse up to the house.
  • Never have a horse on the yard around the house.
  • No Dogs.
  • No Guns.
  • No yelling, running or loud music around the horses.
  • Parents are responsible for all minor children. Don’t leave children unattended or allow children to stand on the rails or gates.
  • All gates shall be kept shut at all times, except while passing through. Please do not climb over gates, go through them.
  • Non-Dakota Stables equipment brought here must be clearly marked with owners name.
  • Absolutely no dumping anything on the premises.
  • Horse trailer parking is available. Tack may be stored in the trailer, but Dakota Stables shall not be liable for the security of the tack or trailer. Trailer may not be accessible during wet or muddy weather.
  • If you remove your horse from a field or paddock please return them to the same place when finished. Do not place your horse in a different area. If you have an emergency or cannot get your horse to their designated area then please contact Donavin. Horses are separated into groups that Dakota Stables finds appropriate and mixing the groups could be dangerous to the handler or to the horse.
  • All boarders that are having a professional visit the barn, such as a farrier, vet, chiropractor or any other scheduled visit for their horse, must let Dakota Stables know in advance to the visit. You must also remain on the premises while the visit is taking place. Do not leave until the visit is complete and everyone has left the property. Boarders are responsible for picking up after any Equine Professional that is working on their horse.
  • We recommend that halters be removed from horses in stalls and turn out areas.
  • All horses must be washed in designated washing areas. Water hoses should be recoiled and faucets turned off tightly when you are finished.
  • Every effort should be made to keep your horse under control at all times. Horses are not allowed to be turned loose outside of stalls in the barn, arenas, and paddock or pasture areas.
  • Please do not feed or handle horses that do not belong to you. This will ensure your safety and the health and safety of the horses.
  • Please park on gravel areas.
  • Please do not help yourself to hay or bedding without asking Stable management first.

When riding in a group:

  • Ride in a manner which makes everyone else safe.
  • Ride to the level of your least experienced or most timid rider.
  • If someone is in trouble stop and help.
  • Be aware of other riders and their horses.
  • If in doubt - don’t.
  • Ride two horses wide on the road at the most and when there is a car in sight form a single file line - one horse wide.


  • Only boarders are allowed into the pens or pastures. Do not take your friends out with you.
  • Close and latch all gates.


  • Guest's horses are by pre-arrangement only. Guests must have proof of negative Coggins test and sign a Dakota Stables release form. (This is not necessary if you meet off property to go riding together.)
  • Please notify Owners if you would like to bring a large group of people to visit your horse. ANYONE who will be riding a horse must have a signed release form on record, even if they are riding a boarder's horse. NO exceptions.
  • Young children visiting need to be watched very closely and will need to follow all barn rules such as no running or yelling in barn, no entering pastures or stalls. Children must be under an adults control at all times or they will be asked to leave immediately. If this becomes a reoccurring problem the Stable will ask that the specific child involved not return to the property.
  • Due to the risk of injuries on playground equipment we ask that anyone visiting the barn not play on these items while at the Stable.
  • No visitors shall be allowed to enter the pastures at any time. If a boarder would like to show someone the horses it should be from outside the pasture or they may remove their own horse from the pasture and visit outside of the pasture area. This also applies to the horse stalls, when occupied; there shall be no visitors inside.
  • If a Boarder is riding in the ring or on the trail they are not to leave any children unattended at the Stable. This means that if you are riding in the ring or nearby that you may not leave young children unattended nearby to watch you ride.


All Stable safety rules are put into place to protect and keep everyone safe while here. Please follow all safety rules outlined here or in the barn.

If Stable Safety rules are not followed you may be asked to leave the Stable.


30813 Iran Path, Northfield, MN 55057